Sunday, 5 February 2017

BARBARIANS RISING - Richard Riddell, Julian Kostov, Michael Ealy - Premi...

Barbarians Rising TV series, starring Richard Riddell, Julian Kostov and Michael Ealy, premiers tomorrow, 28 January 2017, Saturday at 9pm on HISTORY TV18.

Barbarians Rising tells the story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire from the perspective of the barbarian rebel leaders who helped bring it down. It is an American docudrama television series executive produced by Adam Bullmore and produced by Michael Waterhouse.

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Written by:
Lindsey Shapero
Oliver Nilsson-Julien
Chris Fallon
Colin Heber Percy
Lyal Watson

Directed by:
Simon George
Declan O'Dwyer
Maurice Sweeney

Michael Ealy
Richard Riddell
Julian Kostov
Kirsty Mitchell
Tom Hopper

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